National Vacation Consolidators

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We also were a victim of this company.We signed a contract with them in October of 04, and would gladly join a class action suit.

The phone number is no longer usable, or website. They speak of customer support in their contract, but funny enough they don't mention the 100% money back guarnatee in the letter. I have been trying to contact this company for over a year. And am very weary about relisting it with another company for fear of the same thing happening.

Why can't the actual resort sell it for us, they're selling others.

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Stockton, California, United States #683662

Me and my husband got into the same contract about selling our timeshares.We paid $2,000.00 and they guarantee to sell the property within 30 days or we pay nothing until they sell the property.

Now it's impossible to contact them. After I have given my credit card number for them to pay, I then have continuous online charges up to $5000.00 but luckily, my bank was able to reverse those to my account.

My suggestion to everyone out there is that don't give out personal information over the phone especially to a company you have no idea about besides what they're telling you. Be carefull, everyone!

I hope these scammers die and go to ***!:(

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